6 Characteristics of Champion Chickens in the Cockfighting Gambling Game

6 Characteristics of Champion Chickens in the Cockfighting Gambling Game

Playing gambling currently has many types and ways of playing, starting from playing card gambling, to playing cockfighting gambling, which is currently a hot topic of conversation among casino online terpercaya gambling players. Because this type of bet is indeed very exciting and fun to play.

This type of bet is also very easy to play. Because to be able to guess the winner in this game is very easy. You only need to be observant to choose the chicken that will play.

In the following, we will share some of the characteristics of a very strong chicken and are usually suitable to be seeded when playing. Hopefully with our discussion this time it can help you to win this type of bet in this game easily.

Suitable Chickens Are Selected When Playing Cockfighting Gambling Games

Before making a bet on the cockfighting gambling game. You have to pay attention to the characteristics of the following champion chickens.

  • Chickens That Have A Larger Body With Upright Breasts

The first characteristic of the situs judi online terpercaya that is perfect for you to choose is a chicken that has a bigger body with a sturdy chest. Usually a chicken that has a bigger body and a well-built chest has the same attack and defense power.

  • Chicken With Wide Wings

The second characteristic that is perfect for you to choose when playing cockfighting gambling is a chicken with a wider wingspan. Because chickens with wide wingspan have the power to intimidate opponents very well and chickens with these characteristics have very good playing mentality.

  • Chicken With Shiny And Thick Feathers

The next characteristic that is suitable for you to make your main choice when playing is a chicken that has feathers attached to the body with a shiny black color and is also thick. Because when fighting, the body part that will be the very first target is the feathers, so a chicken with dense feathers will have a stronger defense.

  • Has a comb that slopes backward
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The fourth characteristic that is suitable for you to choose is a chicken that has a comb that tends to be slightly backward. The reason why this chicken is very suitable to be chosen is because chickens with the combs are slightly backward will usually continue to fight to the death and do not give up easily.

  • Has a long, yellow beak

You can see the quality of the cock attack while playing from the shape of the beak he has. The longer and more yellow, the better the chicken, because the strength of the chicken can be measured from the shape of the beak.

  • Long neck

The last characteristic of chickens that you can consider as an option when playing cockfighting is a chicken with a long neck. Because chickens with longer necks can attack more nimbly and never give up.

Another Way To Choose The Best Chicken

Apart from the above characteristics, you can also do other ways to assess the quality of the chicken, namely by:

  • Viewing Record Playing

The first way you can do is to see how the record of the chicken is when playing. The more matches played, the better the chicken is, especially if the record you have is more winning records. Then it is perfect for you to choose.

  • Looking at the Age of Chickens

Another way to choose a good chicken is to look at younger chickens. Because chickens with younger ages have good mental play and movements are more agile than chickens that have old age.

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