Capsa Susun – Online Gambling Game from Indonesia at the Level of Poker

Capsa Susun - Online Gambling Game from Indonesia at the Level of Poker

Are there card gambling games from Indonesia that compete with poker? If players are looking for answers to these questions, try playing capsa susun. But, what exactly is the capsa susun? How to play it? Besides that, how hard is this game when compared to other card gambling games from Indonesia?

Get to know Game Capsa Sort

By combining the two concepts, the name of the capsa susun game also describes how to play it. So, do players know what capsa means? Capsa means 13, the same number of cards that are dealt to each player at the start of the game. Then, after getting a card, the player must make three card combinations that are arranged vertically with the three cards above and the remaining five cards each.

How to Play

In accordance with what was mentioned in the previous point, players must arrange three combinations in the capsa stacking game. However, the time to draw and bet is limited so players have to draw the cards as soon as the cards are dealt. In addition, the order in which the cards are ranked and the combinations themselves must be correct. Even though you have big cards, players can still lose if you don’t arrange them correctly.

Keep in mind, the ranking order in the capsa card combination is the same as poker online pakai pulsa. Now, if the player doesn’t know the order, the ranking of the order from lowest to highest is High Card, Pair, Double Pair, Three-of-a-kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four-of-a-kind, Straight Flush, and finally the Royal Flush. To find out the content of each combination, players can study it on sites that explain poker.

For the top combination, players can ignore Double Pair and Four-of-a-kind because this combination only uses three cards. In addition, players must arrange the strongest combination at the bottom and the weakest at the top according to the capsa stacking rules. If the player is wrong in arranging each card combination or combination sequence, the player can lose so make sure the arrangement is correct.

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Comparison with other card gambling games

Due to the many combinations and opponents that must be faced, this game has been named the most difficult card gambling game from Indonesia. However, how difficult is the game of Capsa Susun when compared to other card gambling games that also come from Indonesia?

If the player has tried other card gambling games, the player must have realized that other games were too easy. As a result, the game of capsa susun stands out because of its level of difficulty in contrast to other card gambling games originating from Indonesia. For example, if we compare it to the bookie 66 game, capsa susun is clearly more difficult because the player has to make three combinations at once, instead of holding just one card.

In addition, players face not only the dealer, but all the other players at the table. This comparison also appears when players compare the capsa susun with sakong. What’s more, even though sakong also requires players to arrange cards at the beginning of the game, players only need to make one combination with three cards. So, sakong is arguably the easy version of capsa susun, and vice versa.

The game of capsa susun has a level of difficulty similar to poker because it is inspired by the game of poker itself. However, the way to play is different – players must make three card combinations at the beginning of the game. Although not all players will say this game is as difficult as poker, it is certain that the game of Capsa Susun is the most difficult card gambling game from Indonesia.

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