Online slot trends 2021

Online slot trends 2021

We were right about the main trends in 2020. Below you can find information on the trends we see in the development of slot machines in 2021. Players can change their tastes and expectations, and well-designed slot machines are on the rise. In order to make this game popular, especially in the most important places, this kind of game is very important. Obviously, if the salary is high, then that’s the only thing that matters.

  • Online slot machines are gaining popularity

more people are forced to stay at home, as land-based casinos are temporarily closed in some countries. This changes the habits of many players, and they may not return to land-based locations once they get used to online gaming sites. Since the first 6+ months of 2021 will likely be the same, online casinos and their slot machines will only become more popular.

  • Megaways will become commonplace

now even Microgaming is licensed by Big Time Gaming, and I hope we will get more slot gameplay beyond our capacity. Hopefully some of them will also innovate, this isn’t just a standard Megaways mechanic with a new theme.

  • High volatility slots will continue to be popular

once we get used to them, and to the great potential they provide. I hope we’ll continue to see slots judi slot terpercaya the boundaries and grab bigger top wins.

  • More and more challengers are trying to destroy Megaways

even big games try to use a new system like Megaquads, but that’s not the only system. So far, we have seen that the “Red Rake Million Ways” system has failed and failed to become popular. But other companies are still trying to provide a similar system, mainly relying on a single expansion reel. From Hyper Pays to Cluster Pays, slot machines were transferred from the usual pay line system.

  • Smaller companies find it easier to get attention than ever

Microgaming started it all with their independent partner studio. But there are other companies doing the same thing now, such as YGS Masters from YGGDRASIL. Other large companies helping small developers get noticed, include companies like Leander Games and Relax Gaming. I think there will be more opportunities like this, where big providers are using their reach to help launch new developers.

  • Unfortunately, more developers will offer RTP ranges
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The casino always wins, yes, but that doesn’t mean that it always makes a lot of money. The stricter and stricter regulations to be followed, high taxes. And all the other costs associated with operating an online casino have slashed their profits. There is an increasing demand for slot machines with RTP ranges, under which casinos can choose a payback. And the developer complied, one by one. NetEnt is one that will do it in 2021, along with others such as Red Tiger, Play n GO or Pragmatic Play.

  • Popular Developer Trends Upcoming 2021 online slots

With Microgaming signing up for new independent studios and creating ad space for them, and companies like Yggdrasil (YGS Masters) trailing behind, we find that the list is growing. Leander Games is the same as Relax Gaming. I’ve even seen a few smaller companies contribute to multiple providers. Some of these little developers caught our eye, and I’ll mention companies like AvatarUX (and its PopWins series). Gameburger Studios and Hungry Bear (in collaboration with Leander Games). I hope to see more on developers next year, including Pulse 8 Studios, Stormcraft Studios, Neon Valley Studios and 4ThePlayer.

  • New Slots Feature

Developers compete with each other and try to introduce new and interesting mechanisms, especially those with the high volatility and large returns associated with them. Finding a new way to deliver a large number of wins seemed to be a way to avoid most of them (Megaquads, Million Ways, Splitz), while others took a different route (Gigablox mechanics, as an example). What can we see in 2021? We haven’t seen the end of the high volatility trend yet, that’s for sure. We might get a lower average RTP setting, but from now on, these features will only get better. I can’t wait to see what developers new and old have to offer to grab our attention.

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