Stages and How to Play Online Poker Betting for Beginners

Stages and How to Play Online Poker Betting for Beginners

In online poker games players will go through several stages when playing. Where each of these stages has a meaning or rules that must be followed by players. So because of that, my presence here will provide a little guide to bettors, especially beginners, to understand the game of poker completely. Because in this stage it will determine your victory in playing Poker Online. As I will explain about the following stages of playing online poker betting.

  • First Stage

In the first round or early stage of the Online Poker game, each player will be dealt 2 cards. Where all players will be given time to determine the value of the cards they get. Do you want to continue the game or resign in playing.

This first stage is commonly called Hole Cards. Each player will be given 30 seconds to make his choice. Where each player will be given the choice of wanting to continue to the next roude or to fold to close his card. But not only that, players will be charged a nominal bet at the initial stage. The nominal bet value must match the betting table chosen by the player.

  • Second Stage

After the first stage, players continue the game to the second stage which is often referred to as The Flop. The dealer will open 3 cards on the table face down. Where this rule is almost the same as the first stage, the player has the right to choose to continue the game or to fold while playing. All players who continue the game will be given the same time as in the first stage

  • Third Level

The third stage or it can be called The Turn, the dealer will add 1 card to the betting table face down. At this stage the player must combine the cards that have been received to get the highest score. And at this stage the player hopes to get the highest score to proceed to the final stage to determine the win. In this stage, it is the determination of the player to continue the game. And it is the same as the initial and second stages where you will be given time to think about continuing the game or folding.

  • Fourth Stage

This stage is the final round in an online poker game commonly referred to as The River. In this round the dealer will open the card that is on the betting table. It’s different from the previous round to continue the game. However, in this round the player must determine the card they have, whether they are entitled to win or not. Where the highest card combination value is entitled to be the winner in the game.

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Those are the four stages of playing online poker that will be played by all players, hopefully it will be useful, especially for beginners. But not only that beginners must understand the terms or features in the game of poker on the online site. Which of course has a function in the game, so what are you waiting for, let’s just get into the following problems.

  • Check

In online poker games players are required to check, call, raise or fold. Where all these features function in a poker game that will be used as following a round or rounde. The check feature will be used if the player does not raise or increase the stake.

  • Call

The call feature in the game of poker serves as an affirmation made by the player to take part in a round or rounde session. And players are required to pay attention to the number of bets placed by previous opponents. That way players can make choices to raise or multiply their bets.

  • Raise

Raise is a feature to multiply the player’s bet, such as the nominal bet if you get a good card. However, this feature is not necessarily used when facing players who are already professional in playing poker. Because it is possible that raising can be detrimental to you, so because it is very rare for players to make this one feature. Everything is to avoid things that are not desired in the game.

  • Fold

This feature serves not to continue the game or close your card so you don’t enter the next rounde. This works if the player’s card has a bad value, it is advisable to stop closing the card by folding it.

  • Bet

Bet is the number of bets bet by the player in each round. Where each player will get their own turn at a certain round. Or often referred to as the initial bet where the rounds are usually clockwise.

  • All In

Using this feature players usually get very good scores in the belief that they can get a win. Then the player will do an all in which is commonly called risking all the chips he has.

Maybe that’s all I can mention in this article about how to play poker pulsa online betting. Hopefully this is especially useful for beginners who want to join and try online poker games. And don’t forget to look for an online betting agent that has an official license for you to play.

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